MASTERCLASS: How influencer marketing will level up your brand with Jess Williamson

podcast Sep 23, 2020

By: #GrowGetters

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Hey Guys! You're listening to #GrowGetters - the future skills podcast for smart women in business. We exist for one simple reason: we are here to help you GROW! Each week, we drop a brand new ep that covers the latest trends, tools, tips to make sure your business or career is future-ready!

Today we are hosting an awesome Masterclass with one of Australia's leading experts on Influencer Marketing, and a hugely successful female founder herself - Jess Williamson!

We are simply so impressed by how much Jess has achieved in her young life already. In 2016, at just 22 years old, Jess founded the Perth-based swimwear label Ete - targeted to the Feminine Adventurer - which generated almost instantaneous, unbelievable success.

Jess was invited to showcase Ete at New York Fashion Week just ONE WEEK after freaking amazing is that?! And Since then, Jess has grown Ete Swimwear to over 58,000 social media followers, has customers in over 46 countries, and turned over more than 6 figures in her first year of business!

This multi-talented woman is also the founder of the Travel Influencer Agency Somewear Elsewear which connects top influencers with brands, resorts, and destinations. With her digital marketing and branding expertise, she helps other brands build their presence online using the power and influence of social media and its superstars.

This business babe has been recognised by some of Australia's top organisations for her power moves and entrepreneurial prowess. She's been named a finalist in the Western Australia 2017 Telstra Business Women's Awards in the Young Business Women's category, a Westpac Business of Tomorrow 2018 winner, and a WA finalist in the Telstra Business Awards in 2018.

Jess has also been featured in Forbes and on Channel Nine Australia, as a highly regarded businesswoman of influence.

We absolutely loved learning from this amazing lady. So if you're looking to grow your business footprint by collaborating with influencers, or perhaps bolster your own influence on social media - then this masterclass is a must-listen!!


If you want to stay in contact with Jess - you can follow her on:

Instagram @jess.williamson8, @eteswimwear, and @somewear_elsewhere. She also has an amazing podcast called 'Couch Chats with Jess' (, and via her business website ( and her personal website too (

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