Projector Magic

As a Projector, you were literally born to be successful!

This is your invitation to step into your power and claim the overflowing success and abundance that is already yours...

I will be sharing how aligning even deeper to myself as a Projector has allowed me to unlock success in a HUGE way!

 Join me in this 6-week container where we get to go deep together!



You are born with everything you need to succeed – now its your time and obligation to step into it, claim that next level.

We get to go really fast, you can collapse time but you need to let go of the things that are draining you and holding you back.

Your magic is different to everyone else's and it's time for you to share that with the world.


What is Projector Magic?

Projector magic is here to help you step into that power and claim your place in this world, welcome in the success and fully embody being in alignment to hit that next level!

As projectors we are here to dive deep, we are not here for surface level things, so we will be going deep together over 6 weeks inside an intimate container.

We will have weekly group mastermind calls and voxer voice memo access to dive deeper into the conversation as you begin to embody the lessons.

Being around projector energy, raises the vibration when we come together, we will go deep and deeply see and hear each other as you step into alignment and create freedom and empowerment.

Watch your business shift and grow to that next level when you go deeper into alignment with your projector magic.


Who is Projector Magic for?

If you are a Human Design Projector in business and are ready to unlock a new level of success, Projector Magic is for you!

Whether you are a burnt out projector feeling out of alignment OR you are ready to elevate yourself and claim huge levels of success that are available to you, you'll want to be in this intimate container!

 You were born with everything you need to succeed – now its your time and obligation to step into it, claim that next level.



We get to go DEEP together over 6 magical weeks!

WEEK 1: Projector Magic

We work through deconditioning, bitterness (not-self theme) & coming back to alignment as your truest self.

Making empowered decisions according to your authority.

WEEK 2:  Becoming THE authority & expert

It's time to recognise yourself for your own magic!

Magnetism: Coming back to the truest version of YOU & standing out as the authority.

The art of the invitation: How to know when the invitation is right to respond to and how to receive invitations and not just sit on the sidelines.

WEEK 3: Magnetic Marketing

You are meant to share your light!

This magnetises the right people who NEED to hear what you have to say and and are here for you to guide them with your deep wisdom.

Master the art of being seen, heard and truly recognised for all your incredible magic.

Creating opportunities for the invitations to flow in abundantly from your dream opportunities and clients!

WEEK 4: Creating flow & ease

Projectors are so powerful when in flow.

Learn how to master your energy and remove the guilt around creating more flow in your days.

Work less, create more flow and decondition from the idea that you have to work hard to be successful… because you don’t!

WEEK 5: Success & Abundance

How to create overflowing wealth and abundance by aligning deeper.

Money mindset & conditioning around being a Projector in business.

Success & the next level you: you were literally born to be successful, now its time to claim it!

WEEK 6: Celebration & Q&A

Pricing Options

LIMITED SPOTS inside this intimate container where we get to go DEEP together to create massive shifts in your life and business!



Access to all Live Mastermind Calls & replays.

Group Voxer chat for the length of the 6 weeks for deeper expansion & community.


Value is redeemable for future Masterminds & 1:1




Everything included in Projector Magic

PLUS: 1 hour private Coaching call with Jess to dive deeper into alignment.

+ personalised Human Design reading to go deeper into your unique magic (sent as an audio file so you can listen to it as many times as you like!)


Value is redeemable for future Masterminds & 1:1


Still have questions?

I designed Projector Magic to help you align deeper in a way that allows more flow. This is not another course that gives you another thing to add to your to-do list.

It is designed to work seamlessly into your current life and business and will deeply expand your inner world to increase this flow and ease where more success can flow abundantly without requiring more energy input.

You will feel so much more at ease, have so much more energy and clarity around what you are here to do and how you are meant to show up in your business and to create the most success!

It’s a DEEP coming back to yourself, coming back to your truth.

Hey, I'm Jess!

I am a 1/3 Splenic Projector and aligning deeper with my design has allowed me to build a business and life that brings in overflowing abundance, allows me to make the impact my soul desires and I am doing it with complete flow and ease... more rest and less work – literally the blueprint for a projector living in alignment.

When I remembered who I was and really stepped into claiming my power and place in this world, I became magnetic!

I was no longer pushing things up hill, hustling and doing all of the things…

I am now attracting the RIGHT clients who truly see me and recognise me for my ability to truly see them deeply.

When I aligned with my design, money flowed easily

When I was misaligned it felt tough, sticky and I wasn’t being my best self, I wasn’t showing up as well for my clients, my friends or family and for myself.

If you feel called to step into the next level you, I would love to guide you on your journey to becoming the truest version of yourself and allows for more ease, flow and success!


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