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You're trying everything yourself and getting nowhere.

You're stuck in the wheel of trial and error.

There's something holding you back every-time you try something new, but you're just not sure what. 

You're overwhelmed by just HOW much there is to do. 

You're feeling alone in the pursuit to your dreams (entrepreneurship can be lonely!)

Introducing the...

Introducing Dreamers & Doers monthly membership; so that you can build your dream business with ease, support & impact 

I created the Dreamers & Doers Membership to support women like you throughout your entrepreneurial journey!

I know it can be a lonely and challenging journey so I have put together the ultimate online community to give you the tools and resources to not only grow your business but to grow personally and have the support of this incredible community to inspire you and cheer you on!

Let's build that Dream together!

 I see you hustling hard, doing #allthethings, and I know you want to make this business your true passion project, a sustainable and dreamy business that gives you that perfect work/life balance. 

So, what exactly is included in the 'Dreamers & Doers' Membership

This membership follows the exact process I followed to start my entrepreneurial journey aged 22 with no investors, no contacts and no one to help me. We all start somewhere right!?

I have done the hard work figuring out what works... what doesn't work so well so that I can share this with you to help you fast track your success and ensure you are supported on your journey!

I live the life of my dreams, heading to the beach at 1 pm on a Wednesday with no care in the world and going out for coffee in between supporting my dream clients...



Fortnightly LIVE webinars with interactive Q&A sessions where we go over all aspects of building a sustainable business and creating the life of your dreams. 

Webinars by guest experts to share with you key skills you need for success.

✨ Challenges and tasks to keep you accountable and on track with your goals!

✨ Access to resources and tools that I use within my own business. 

✨  A community of boss ladies & like-minded women to support you in your entrepreneurial journey. 


Being a part of this Membership will give you the tools to create a sustainable business that makes you money and gives you the life that you've always dreamt of.  


Here's what Members are loving...

"I’ve been on Jessica’s membership program for a few months now. I find the membership to be really supportive. The people in the community are encouraging and especially Jess. This has helped during times when you’re just feeling a little low. She has a can-do attitude and her positivity shines though.  I always look forward to her fortnightly live sessions on Facebook. It’s good to be surrounded by people on a similar journey together." - Katherine, Keto Kitchen Corner

"I’ve been apart of Jess’s membership for only a few months now and as an aspiring business owner myself Jess has encouraged and inspired me to realistically and strategically step out to reach my business and personal goals. Her organised and switched on manner always leaves me inspired and ready to nail down and do the hard yards. I’m very lucky to have such a successful and generous mentor at such a young age, excited to see what else is to come" - Gracie, Emerald Eyez

"Jess is so insightful and is willing to share so much of her experience. I've not met many people that give out the kind of information and "secrets" she does. Her advice goes such a long way and is always thought out well. Can't wait to implement the things she has taught me thus far. Thanks again Jess!" Charlotte, Cecile Swim

"Jess gave me some fantastic insights into marketing my business and how others see my business. I’ve loved being a part of her membership and seeing what other businesses are doing to keep their businesses going and growing!" - Kathleen, Jozi Blues Photography

The Membership Includes:

Fortnightly Online Training & Webinars

Twice a month I will run Live Webinars to help you grow your business and level up personally too! 

I will be sharing with you exactly what I did to grow my businesses, through REAL results so that you can achieve all your GOALS!

- Masterclasses run with me

- Interactive Q&A Workshop Sessions

- Expert Guest Speakers 

Monthly Challenges & Tasks

Each month I set a main challenge or task for you to implement to move your business 1 step closer to your goals.

Implementation is the key to success so these challenges will keep you accountable and reach maximum growth throughout the Membership!

PLUS there will be monthly prizes and rewards (just the cherry on top of your own business & personal growth!)

Supportive Community

You will get exclusive access to my members-only community where you will have ongoing support from like-minded people!

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with...

These women are the most welcoming group and are often the first to comment on each others' posts and even buy from each other to continually support each other on their journey to success (this just warms my heart).

Say goodbye to feeling alone in running your business…

So What does this all cost? 

Well it's priceless really...

I wanted to create a Membership that was affordable but PACKED FULL OF VALUE... community support, tasks, live Webinrs & Q&A's, extra resources... 

Exclusive Price

For today only you can get the Dreamers and Doers membership for just :




Fortnightly Live Video - Tips, Training, Advice, Q&A

Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group

Weekly Lessons & Tasks via Email

& Exclusive Bonuses!!

Valued at over $650



$297 AUD

SAVE $45!

Fortnightly Live Video - Tips, Training, Advice, Q&A

Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group

Weekly Lessons & Tasks via Email

& Exclusive Bonuses!!

Valued at over $3200!




SAVE $187

Fortnightly Live Video - Tips, Training, Advice, Q&A

Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group

Weekly Lessons & Tasks via Email

2 Months Free

& Exclusive Bonuses!!

Valued at over $5800!


Want to see what else my members are saying?

They love the membership and I know you will too!

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll be getting fortnightly LIVE webinars and Q&A's, access to resources, and email & task accountability from me, to keep you on track with your goals!

All of the price options are the cheapest they'll ever be! which huge savings across all of them! You'll also be getting exclusive access to my Reels course for FREE! 

The yearly subscription does however give you the biggest saving, of over 3 months, equivalent to over $187 AUD!

Most of my members have been in the membership for over 12 months, they come and they never want to leave!

When you purchase the monthly subscription, you are free to cancel at any time! 

Most of my members have purchased a monthly package and then decided to never leave! 


I know that you're hustling hard and going in circle.

I see you because I was you!

But something HAS to change!

Join this membership and learn my exact framework and tools to build the life and business of your dreams and feel supported whilst doing so!

There is absolutely no lock in period and you can cancel anytime... although once the women join they never want to leave!

Take that leap... say YES to your dreams & join the Membership!

I can't wait to welcome you in! 

About Jess

Jess is an award-winning mindset & business coach and a serial entrepreneur having run 4 businesses in the last 5 years… its safe to say, Jess loves to keep busy! Jess has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Channel 9 news and the West Australian, to name a few, for her expertise in growing businesses online.

In the last 2 years, Jess has found her true passion in her work as a business coach. Through her 1:1 coaching and Dreamers & Doers Membership she loves helping other female entrepreneurs unleash their potential and believe than anything is truly possible! Combine that with her coaching certifications, experience in business and her innovative strategies for growth, Jess is bound to help you build your dream business!

When Jess isn’t busy supporting her clients and getting them epic results in their businesses… or running her own empires… she loves to explore and go on adventures or relax at the beach!


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