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Want to build your business and have a life by design?
Having a business coach is one of the most valuable things you can invest in for your business and life. Jess has helped many entrepreneurs and business owners take their business to the next level, gain freedom and live a life they love, and run a business they love too! 
Through my Dreamers & Doers Membership + my 1:1 Coaching I have helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs build the life of their dreams!
See what my clients say below xx

What my clients are saying...

"Jess has been amazing! After initially procrastinating for a few months I finally took the step and signed up for her 1:1 mentoring. Best money I’ve spent so far in the steps to setting up my brand new business! She is so helpful, and extremely knowledgeable, I would not be moving forward as quickly as I am now without her help." - Emily Griffen, Jayla & Jaxon 

“I've been mentoring with Jess & honestly, she's been providing invaluable support, guidance & accountability since day 1 🙌 Every single call I have with her I jump off feeling empowered & pumped to have some direction and actionable items to work on. She's encouraged me to think bigger, plan for the BEST case scenario (which funnily enough keeps happening) and think about my bigger vision. Jess has made me feel like it's all possible... because it is! ❤️ Since starting with Jess I've launched a second business & made over $27,000 😱” - Steph, WA

"When I started I have a website social media with no clear purpose and no sales for almost 6 months... After 6 months of coaching with Jess, I have launched my website by making 6 sales with in the first 4 days! Jess didn't only help me with the business she also helped me with my mindset which is really important. Coaching with Jess is one of the best decisions I have ever made." - Sindhu, Manu the Label

Case Study

Vanessa - Organised Style Living

Before meeting Jess my biggest challenge was getting started, having direction as i was very easily overwhelmed and following a successful business strategy.

Jess really helped me to break down the tasks that I needed to focus on and what tasks were “not as important”, worked with me and my business to provided a tailored strategy and path to follow. We would review and pivot accordinly. 

  • Jess helped me save myself from spending $7k in marketing spend in the initial start of the business, to helped my cash flow and understand better (and free) ways of marketing my business which had  the same impact. 
  • With Jess’s help i was able to successfully launch my business and make over $2k in sales in my first month, selling out of one of my products within the first week of launch. 
  • Her guidance and expertise in influencer marketing gave me the tools, knowledge & confidence to work with influencers and brands, i was able to work with an influencer/brand very fortnight in my first 3 months of business.
  • Jess went over and above to help guide me to win over a brand that i had approached for my first giveaway with a following of 175k. It was a successful giveaway with 60 new email subscribers, valuable brand exposure and experience to work with a reputable brand in the same industry.


How do you feel after coaching with Jess?

More confident with my business direction & strategy, less stressed about what im doing and if im doing the right thing for my business (before Jess, this was a daily stress on my mind), knowing that if i need support, guidance or even speak to someone who understands makes the biggest difference. You don’t have a lot of support or people who really understand what you do, having Jess there who could relate and provide helpful advice was definitely what i needed.


What has exceeded your expectations since working with Jess?

How much i am actually capable off if i have the right support & guidance. I know for a fact i would still be trying to figure out how to launch my business and even spending my time on the wrong things. My business and i have had a great start and building a solid foundation, all thanks to Jess.

I had looked into ALOT of business coaches, what i found was a lot of them never owned a product based business and some of the advice i was getting didn’t seem beneficial for a product based business. I also wanted to find someone who i could relate to who achieved what i am trying to achieve, Investing in a person like that was invaluable and a no brainer. 


Jess has absolutely blown me away at all her incredible achievements, her perseverance and her amazing friendship.  She will give you the push and nudge when you have slacked off because she cares and we all need an accountability partner sometimes.  She has helped shift my mindset to anything is possible and never quit. Her FB group live chats, reel course and start to scale courses were so packed with amazing information, you are definitely behind in your business if you are not part of these chats. 


Case Study

Sindhu - Manu the Label

Tell us where you started before working with Jess?
When I first spoke to jess about one on one mentoring programme, I was really impressed by the way she explained how we can rebrand my business and start building a real brand that stands out.
She never made fake promises like, that she is going to bring me X amount of sales or $ in the first month, She was pretty honest and she told me that it's really important to build a solid base and it takes time then apply the marketing strategies to bring sales.
When I started coaching with Jess, my business was a whole mess without clear direction. Coaching with jess is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
What we worked on during coaching:
Jess helped me with the following:
Brand strategy: When I started, I do have a clear idea for my self why I started this business but wasn't able to communicate it clearly. Jess made me think out of the box and helped me come up with a solid brand strategy, which now helps me to stand out from the crowd.
Pricing strategy: She helped me with the whole pricing strategy. Not just with the pricing for my products, but also how to find the right manufacturer and negotiate with them and the whole process.
Brand look and feel: She helped with deciding on how I want my brand to look and feel. Sometimes we all know what we want, but find it hard to visualise it on screen. But jess helped on getting more clarity on what I want and how to visually present it. That made huge difference with my branding.
The whole website look: Initially, my website was not clearly communicating my values. She helped with auditing my website and making changes to it. 
Social media strategy: We working on our Instagram strategy and made it the way it looks now. She has got lots of techniques to make your socials look unique.
What were some of the results from working with Jess in the first 6 months:
Initially, when I started I have a website social media with no clear purpose and direction and no sales for almost 6 months. After 6 months of coaching with jess, I have launched my website by making 6 sales with in the first 4 days. Now I am able to clearly communicate my purpose through all my channels.
How you feel now & how has the coaching has helped you:
Jess didn't only help me with the business she also helped me with my mindset which is really important. She helped me with my insecurities in my business, helped with clear goal-setting and how to achieve them. She even pushed me to achieve my goals when I was taking my goals to easy, she reminded me of my purpose and why started this and bought me back on track.
I would like to take this opportunity, to thank Jess with everything she has helped me with my business and where I am at my business from mindset to sales. The whole journey was really beautiful. 
I am looking forward to working with Jess in future!

"Jess gave me some fantastic insights into marketing my business and how others see my business. I’ve loved being a part of her membership and seeing what other businesses are doing to keep their businesses going and growing!" - Kathleen, Jozi Blues Photography

"Recently I had a coaching phone call with Jess and wow did I get SO much out of it. I wasn't actually too sure what direction our phone call would go in as my main concern was that I was having some confidence issues around wanting to launch a new service. Not only did she give me tools to work through those issues but she helped me to realise a much bigger and better way of offering the service I wanted to launch and gave me some real actionable things to work on. My mind was buzzing with ideas! Expectations truly above and beyond exceeded! Thankyou so much Jess." – Melanie Cook, Makeup by Melanie

"I decided to get mentoring from Jess after watching her swimwear brand Ete Swimwear explode all over instagram a few years ago. I was seeking advice on how to grow my brand like she did. Since starting my mentoring with Jess, my mindset has shifted to think bigger and to go for bigger opportunities. She has helped me realise you can only go as far as your mindset will let you and your opportunities will only be as broad as your mindset. She has really helped me implement and practise mindset shifting which has resulted in many opportunities as well as working through my brand and marketing strategies, Influencer marketing, wholesaling to major retailers and so much more!" - Samantha, Rapunzille the Label

Case Study: Kara - 180 Cakes

In the short time working together Kara has: - Increased web traffic by 60% - Doubled her online sales - Grew her Instagram Following by 4x! - Sold 1/5 of her new stock before even launching. And so much more, watch the video to see her wins!


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"Jess is so insightful and is willing to share so much of her experience. I've not met many people that give out the kind of information and "secrets" she does. Her advice goes such a long way and is always thought out well. Can't wait to implement the things she has taught me thus far. Thanks again Jess!" - Charlotte, Cecile Swim

"I’ve been apart of Jess’s membership for only a few months now and as an aspiring business owner myself Jess has encouraged and inspired me to realistically and strategically step out to reach my business and personal goals. I am always grateful when Jess gives up some of her time to mentor me during our phone calls because her organised and switched on manner always leaves me inspired and ready to nail down and do the hard yards. I’m very lucky to have such a successful and generous mentor at such a young age, excited to see what else is to come" - Gracie, Emerald Eyez


"I’ve been on Jessica’s membership program for a few months now.  I find the membership to be really supportive.  The people in the community are encouraging and especially Jess. This has helped during times when you’re just feeling a little low.  She has a can-do attitude and her positivity shines though.  I always look forward to her fortnightly live sessions on Facebook. It’s good to be surrounded by people on a similar journey together." - Katherine, Keto Kitchen Corner

Case Study

Ash Castledine - Ducks in a Row (@ducksinarow)


  • Ash felt like she had absolutely no idea how she was going to grow her business or where to start.
  • She had a handful of clients, however her ultimate goal was to help as many small business owners as she possibly could.
  • She wanted to also create a life of time & financial freedom and flexibility for her family but wasn't sure how this would be possible.
  • The only way she thought her goals could be possible was to be working 10hrs a day!



  • Jess gave me a totally different approach for my business, one that I had never even considered in the slightest.
  • With this new business model, that freedom and flexibility is now possible.
  • With the step by step actions Jess has helped me with, I am well on my way to achieving my goals for my business, myself and my family.
  • Jess is also an AMAZING accountability partner! I get easily distracted and procrastinate a lot, however having Jess on my team has helped me stay on track and actually achieve things each month.



  • Almost doubled her income!! She has gone from from 4k per month to 7k per month in just the first few months!
  • Started out with 3 part time clients and is now at 8 and rising!
  • Become consistent in her marketing with clear plans and strategies. "In the first week or so of being consistent I got 2 new clients and had about 4 enquiries!!"



  • Learnt to delegate work AND set boundaries. "These have been game changers for me not just in business but personally as well!"
  • Hired 5 new team members to expand her services and client capacity and also allows her more time freedom.
  • Feels so much more confident and clear as to what she's doing and where she's going -PRICELESS!!


Investing in your business by coaching with Jess is honestly the best thing you will do for yourself and your business and I can guarantee you won't regret it! I have seen results that I never thought were possible, all in just 6 months! I 100% will reach my financial and freedom goals I've set out. So much so, I've signed on with Jess for another 6 months & I really can't wait to see what else we can achieve together!


Case Study

Clara - The Aruem

I decided to work one on one with Jess after joining her Scale to Success challenge back in May and I can honestly say it has been one of the best investment decisions I’ve made for my business.

Mindset has always been my biggest issue and Jess has provided me with the encouragement and perspective I needed to get The Aruem up and running. No one really talks about it, but starting your own business can be quite lonely as most of the time the people closest to you don’t really understand what you’re going through - and having Jess there by my side prior to and after our launch has been a TREMENDOUS support, both emotionally and in relation to all the technicalities. 

Jess is truly a fountain of knowledge and I really admire her determination to keep pushing forward no matter what life throws at you. Because of her invaluable advice, her can-do attitude plus years of experience, the launch of my business went so much better than I could have imagined and I definitely couldn't have done that on my own.

Thank you so much Jess, you have been such an inspiration and a wonderful mentor to me. I’m so glad I made the decision to work together with you and I really can't thank you enough for everything that you've helped me achieve in the last 6 months.


Case Study: Coralie - Coco Studio Designs

In the past few months working with Coralie, she has: - Went from $2000 sales per month to $7000 sales per month in just 3 months. -Grew her business from part-time to full-time and many more! Watch the video below to see her wins!


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