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She came in feeling burnt out, stuck in her business and not having any space to grow - to NOW creating a business that’s profitable, sustainable and flexible. Throughout Business for Life, she had a goal to quit her job that she thought would take a whole year to achieve…

But within just 6 weeks 🤯 she had decided she was quitting her job, handed in her resignation and by the end of the 3 months was working 100% in her own business!! 🎉🎉🎉

It took her a lot of mindset shifts and unlocking subconscious beliefs to be able to take this huge step. We worked through self sabotage, people pleasing, the fear of not making money and collapsed time to make huge progress and see amazing results. We set boundaries, created new structure in her business and unpacked the subconscious beliefs that were holding her back.


The Gifting House


What my clients are saying...

"BFL made the biggest changes in my business. I would probably not have come up with these services and offerings if I didn’t go through Business for Life and go through that process. BFL is completely different to what I’ve done before. It really put me on the path to finding what works for me and what my passions are."

~ Teresa

Style Creative Co

"I have gained so much confidence within myself and in my thoughts around my pricing offers. Jess has opened my eyes to what is possible when you believe in yourself and keep a positive mindset."

~ Candice

Design by Jones

"Since our last 2 calls, I increased my minimum spend on our packages by up 50%. I had been increasing them every 6 months by 10% but it's not reflecting our actual value. So I took the leap and went the full hog. Like you said if it's 'comfortable' it's not enough. And even now it's too comfortable. Thanks, Jessica Williamson for always challenging me"

~ Michelle

Boho Blooms

Case Study

From feeling stagnant, struggling to sign any new clients for the 6 months prior to landing 4 next-level clients in the first month of working together (one at $14k!!)

She then came back and continued to accelerate results.

She reached her biggest income months, from $5k to $21k, along with deep personal growth & transformation.

“It was such a mind-blowing experience which resulted in major shifts in myself & my biz! One thing I've quickly learned since jumping onto this entrepreneurial ride, is mindset is truly everything you need to succeed! That's why I'm always investing in ways & people that will help me evolve." 


Podcast Manager


"I have had an absolute blast with Jess and the other girls in the first round of BFL. Jam packed with not only business gold nuggets, but general life gold nuggets BFL really does what the name suggests - helps you create a business for LIFE. The modules are so insightful, not to mention all the awesome worksheets and templates included that Jess herself uses! I had a SELL OUT launch and continue to make regular sales and have planned my marketing and profit projections for the next 6-12 months. BFL is so good, I am doing it a second time."

~ Abbey


"I’ve stepped back and invested in your course because you make sales look fun, easy, and flowy and your message is always like you are directly talking to me. So when you promoted the course, I was like heck yeah I want to learn how to be more natural and in flow with sales not spammy or pushy. From what I’ve learned it all makes so much sense."

~ Peita

That’s Peachy

"Jess has completely transformed my business and myself as an entrepreneur, and I'm so grateful. Jess has helped us with figuring out what path is right for what I want to accomplish and what steps I need to take next. Jess has taken our business to the next level in such a short amount of time that I couldn't have possibly done and accomplished that on my own."

~ Isabel


Case Study

From feeling capped and overworked to achieving sustainable income and work-life balance, we shook some shit up and paved the path towards her next level!

Within a short period of 6 to 12 months, she not only doubled her income but also secured a stable income well in advance.

Now, she works just 3 days a week, allowing her to enjoy trips to Disneyland, spend quality time with family, and do the things that she loves as well.

Natasha Weeks

NW Creative Studio


"Jess has a wealth of knowledge and has expanded my mindset way beyond anything I could have even comprehended. She is the ultimate wingwoman in biz & mindset. It’s also great to have someone there through the tough times in biz, you’re not going through it alone. My biz and mindset is accelerating with the help of Jess."

~ Vanessa

Organised Style Living

"Jess helped me find alignment in what I wanted to do, and she supported me through many huge life changes that were going on in my personal life as well. The sales and results we saw while working together were also fantastic, however the feeling of feeling like myself again is priceless. Thank you Jess!"

~ Rach Yeung

"There truly aren’t enough words to fully explain how incredible BFL has been. As my first experience not only in a mastermind but having a coach/mentor I didn’t really know what to expect. My intention was to have a “fly on the wall” approach but that changed very quickly and I just surrendered. BFL is just a world that you want to be a part of. And I truly have never felt closer to my goals and the life that I envision for myself and my family."

~ Tiffany

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