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🎯 Goal Setting & Mindset Strategies For Social Media with Jessica Williamso‪n‬

podcast Feb 24, 2021

By Social Post

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Jessica Williamson is the Founder of Ete Swimwear turned online business success coach. Learn more about Jessica Here:

Hailing from a background in digital...

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Niche marketing the trend for 2021

article Feb 01, 2021


Original Article on - read the article on Inside Small Business here.

Niche marketing strategies are more important than ever in 2021. Rather than appealing to everyone with large, sweeping strategies, you need to get personal. After...

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5 things business coach Jessica Williamson learnt from being on Clubhouse

article Jan 28, 2021


Original Article on - read the article on Startup Daily here.

Entrepreneur and business coach Jessica Williamson
Clubhouse is one of the newest social media platforms and I just had to try it.

I’d heard that Clubhouse was a...

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FORBES - How To Harness The Hot New Social Media App Clubhouse To Build Your Brand

article Jan 21, 2021
By MeiMei Fox | ForbesWomen | NY Times Bestselling Author
Original Article on - read the article on Forbes here.
Screenshot of Clubhouse app with grid of 12 users, room about positive change

Clubhouse is a hot new invite-only social media app that relies on voice interaction.

At age 27, Jessica Williamson already has...

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article Jan 13, 2021


Posted by  |  |

Original Article on - read the article here.


Niche marketing strategies are more...

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3 Things Holding You Back in Scaling and Growing Your Business with Jess Williamson

podcast Dec 01, 2020

By The Girl Interrupted Podcast

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As entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, a big question we need to ask ourselves is WHAT do we really want. Do we WANT to scale and grow a business to something beyond us? And if...

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MASTERCLASS: How influencer marketing will level up your brand with Jess Williamson

podcast Sep 23, 2020

By: #GrowGetters

Original Podcast on - Listen to the podcast here


Hey Guys! You're listening to #GrowGetters - the future skills podcast for smart women in business. We exist for one simple reason: we are here to help you GROW! Each week, we drop a brand new...

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#53- Building Business on Instagram with Jessica Williamson

podcast Sep 16, 2020

By The Millennial Business Podcast

Original Podcast on - Listen to the podcast here


Today's episode we welcome Jessica Williamson, founder of Influencer travel agency Somewear Elsewhere and Founder/Managing Director of Ete Swimwear. Hailing from a...

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FORBES - Mother’s Day Guide To The Best Women’s Swimwear By Destination

article Apr 18, 2020

BY Adrienne Jordan | Travel | I cover adventure, outdoor, and wellness travel.

Original Article on - read the article on Forbes Lifestyle here.


After the quarantine ends, mom is going to want to get back to booking travel. Some new and...

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Leverage INFLUENCERS to build AWARENESS - Marketing strategies for 2020 | #13

podcast Jan 30, 2020


by Perth Small Business Show
Original Podcast on - Listen to the podcast here

Learn how Jess has leveraged Influencers, sourced Chinese manufacturers and marketed Ete Swimwear to success.

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